Aerial view of UFSC

[Aerial view of UFSC – Florianópolis Campus; Photo by Jair Quint – UFSC Communication Agency]

The Prorectorate for Administration – PROAD is a central executive body of Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina whose aim is to assist the Rector with administrative tasks, with emphasis on the basic infrastructure necessary for the full development of teaching, research and outreach activities at UFSC.

The responsibilities of the Prorectorate for Administration are:

  • coordinate and monitor the implementation of actions relating to the University administration policy, as set by the University Council, ensuring compliance with relevant standards;
  • propose and monitor the implementation of the University management policy with respect to:1) physical and property security;
    2) material, property and ancillary services management systems; and
    3) physical and property maintenance and conservation services;
  • issue ordinances and other administrative acts that may be needed to implement its activities; and
  • perform other activities pertaining to the area or that may be delegated by the Rector.