Administrative Support

The responsibilities of the Administrative Support Coordination Office (CAA) are:

        • Plan, organize and direct the administrative support activities demanded from the Prorectorate for Administration;
        • Assist the Prorector for Administration;
        • Evaluate, select and forward the PROAD correspondences;
        • Keep knowledge of the Protocol;
        • Write administrative texts;
        • Interpret and synthesize texts and documents;
        • Receive and meet PROAD visitors;
        • Provide information when requested, including by telephone;
        • Draw up the Prorector’s agenda;
        • Instruct the processes;
        • Register the processing and distribution of files (sent and received);
        • Run complementary services of personnel, financial and material administration;
        • Organize and file documents;
        • Transmit the Prorector´s decisions and directions;
        • Disclose and manage administrative acts;
        • Perform tasks specific to the area and others that may be assigned by the Prorector or by the competent authority.

Daiana Prigol Bonetti

Head of Division:
Lorena Minor Belini

Contact info: 

Phone: +55 (48) 3721-4257 | +55 (48) 3721-4242